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You are just a “crash”

But I wonder

How it is possible that a little tiny bit of “crash” can cause such a huge damage...

like a little tiny bit of seed Becomes a huge tree

You are just a “crash”...a “crasssssh”

I keep repeating this word in my mind And I keep saying it again and again...

As if I wanna feel its taste in my mouth Like the trapped smoke from a cigarette

But what’s a “crash”?

What does it mean to me?

What are the implications of such a tiny word?That we casually throw in our everyday conversation

“Crash” is a small wound

A small interruption of my inner piece of mind

A seed of an externally planted idea

That naively enters my mind

And disrupts my thought process normality and,

although in the beginning feels

So completely innocent, so completely insignificant

It has a hidden power that feeds it

It magnifies it...and it takes over my mind...

Walking on a thin balance that borderlines... obsession

And then I think to myself and I realize of how many

So many little nasty crashes are buried inside of me

Swimming in my veins in their dormant state

Waiting there impatiently

To wake up and with no mercy to damage me!

And the scariest part of all is that they are waiting...for my signal...

What do I do about it, is there anything to be done?

And while so many questions are turning in my mind,

I realize that I just need to embrace them for having

such a huge role in who I am

And disarm them with my love for my self

So, I can return to my original state of grace

and surrender to a greater plan!

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