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Blue Holiday Story

Updated: Jan 14

Such a cold nightThe night of New Year’s EveBut forces of natureCannot be a threat in a night like thisA night of celebration and fireworksA night abundant with love, joy, laugher and flirtingAnd I am sitting here in a corner Trying hard to keep my gaze away from youTrying hard to hideThis powerful attraction that I feel for you It’s like there is a force inside of me That gravitates me towards youAnd holds me as a hostage in the spin of your orbitI am so embarrassed even thinking about you

I blush like a school girl...soI am trying to distract my mind by having small talk and lip service with faceless people Let the program of “happy in a party” run Surrounded by people...and copy cut smiles But the thoughts of you...penetrate me....... isolate me...alienate me...I wanna come near youBreathe you, smell you, touch you, but you are so far awaySuch a huge distance, your ignorance about my existenceThis rejection drowns me in lonelinessI feel alone and cold in the dark like the little girl that sells matchesI feel her desperation

I wish I had those magic matchesI would light one and see me as pretty as you would like meLight another one and see me so sexy The way you would want meLight another oneI see me so fucking attractive you cannot resist meLight another oneLight another oneLight another oneUntil I run out of matchesBut I am running out of hopeAnd matches because you are leaving this party with anotherIf you only knew that you were the reason, I am here to see youI feel like the little girl with the matches Here in my cornerDead insideWhile the New Year’s Day is dawning.

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