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I feel so alienated... I feel like I’ m deserted on a distant planet... All by myself...flirting with self destruction tendencies... I wonder...are they mine? or are they embedding in my limited perception spam? I feel I am being passively vicious circling in a maze of thought projections and abstract self image reflections My thoughts are like acts of an omitted theatrical script that are being played and replayed...and replayed... How can I make them STOP? ... STOP!!! I am being haunted by this unexplainable incessantly agony for a threat, a danger at a such close range... slowly moving towards me... crawls on my skin but without leaving any marks I get a grip of myself and check for a proof of any kind of life that I could communicate with ... nothing... Am I alone? or am I just blind to this dominating presence that I sense ...a presence not visible to my earthling frame frequency.

So, I am back again to the vicious circling game of this constant fear with the face of an enemy at the gate... but is there any? and what is this constant craving for a saviour? ... is there any? what if I’m just shadowboxing with my own shadow in the world of “maya” ... Am I the enemy ...of me? In that case... who is the saviour? Cause I cannot be the enemy and the saviour in the same space time

Could the saviour be a future version of me? Are you watching me? Can you read my mirror neurons... get on my frequency? can you jump in the quantum pool and rescue me before I harm me? Can you come and beam me up?

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